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Experience matters

Choosing an agent is the most important first step with any real estate transaction. The right person can save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. Deals are made or lost within hours, and you don’t have time to wait while your agent tries to learn the business.

We know it’s a big decision, so we encourage you to look around and see what the other guys offer. Call us right now for a free, zero pressure consultation.

The Process

We use data analysis to evaluate local neighborhoods and find the perfect place for you. Our proprietary process ensures that we only spend time looking at properties that fit your needs.

Our algorithms allow us to quickly identify hot neighborhoods, great deals, and perfect matches. After zeroing in on the house that you want, we utilize technologies to electronic signatures to instantly place your offer. This allows us to move fast, scoring your dream home. By the time other agents have figured out how to scan a document into their email, your offer could have already been accepted!

Constant Contact

Just because your offer was accepted, our job doesn’t stop there! We manage the whole process and keep you informed every step of the way. From meeting inspectors, scheduling appraisals, to ordering final utility reads, our professional staff will make sure that everything is handled promptly and pave the way to a smooth closing. We update all of our clients on a weekly basis at minimum. We know you are excited to move into your dream home, and it’s our job to get you there!

What our clients have to say

Equation Realty helped me sell my house. It had been on the market for months previously with another realtor and never sold. Stephanie came in and gave me some pointers on how to get it ready for buyers before relisting it and we had it under contract within a week! I will definitely recommend them.
Jennifer Hicks
I was looking for a couple of investment properties to build my passive income and the agents at Equation Realty walked me through the whole process. Since I was new to the real estate market, their assistance was invaluable.
Curtis Helper
My wife and I had to move out of town for my job, but our house was underwater with our current mortgage. Since we couldn’t sell, we decided to lease it out for a few years, but we were worried about working with renters. Equation Realty has been managing the tenants and handling everything for us regarding the property. We couldn’t be happier!
Mark Davis

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